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About Us


Boasting a frozen storage capacity of 10,000 tons and an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, TAR-TAS proudly stands at the forefront of the frozen food industry in Turkey. The combination of these numbers firmly places TAR-TAS among the leading frozen food companies in the country.

Driven by a team of highly educated and experienced professionals, TAR-TAS has the capability to craft an extensive range of frozen fruits and vegetables. Remarkably, 80% of our production finds its way across the globe, with the remaining portion satisfying the domestic market's demand.

Our commitment to quality is enshrined in our adherence to the rigorous BRC system, which meticulously documents every stage of our production process. We extend our quality control to the fields where our vegetables are cultivated, ensuring excellence from seed to plate. Looking ahead, we are transitioning to sourcing all our raw materials through contractual agreements with dedicated farmers. This strategic move empowers us to trace claims back to their source, fostering a higher level of accountability and a robust “traceability system”.

Within our cutting-edge facility, our laboratory is equipped to perform comprehensive physical and microbiological analyses on our utility water, equipment and environment surfaces, raw materials, and finished products. Certified laboratories handle the essential pesticide residue testing, underscoring our unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

Since its foundation, TAR-TAS has achieved a significant market share in both domestic and foreign markets. This resounding success can be attributed to the exceptional quality and service that TAR-TAS consistently delivers. Our 'Greenland' product range has firmly established itself, binding TAR-TAS as a pivotal player in the sector, confident to thrive and endure.

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